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Other Metal Products | Madhya Pradesh | TID: 12681603
1 Auction Sale Of Copper Conductor Coil, Copper Chips /bits & Picec, Roter/Armature/Stator, Paper Insulated Copper, Copper Scrap Of Mica/Paper, Insulated Copper Compole, Brass Fin Tubes, Enamelled / Tin Coated Copper Wires, Plain Circle Punching Crngo, Non-Magnetic / Magnetic Stainless Steel, Ms Magnet Frems, Crngo Rusted ,unrusted Finger, Crngo Rusted ,unrusted Circle Punching, Mixed Variety, Rusted Unrested Crgo, Crngo Sheet Corner Traingle, Empty Capacitor Boxes, Ms Slings / Wire Ropes, Grinding Dust, Rain Soaked Perma Wood, Used Transformer Oil, Ct, Bakelite, Wooden Cable Drums, Bull Gear, Perma Wood, Celling Fan, Press Board. | Due on 06-Jan-2015  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Other Metal Products | Uttar Pradesh | TID: 12772105
2 Auction Sale of Scrap empty damaged & broken reel of PICC/Copper Conductor, Scrap CRGO steel melting in various shapes, Scrap M/s /S.S Hardware.[Some are rusted], Scrap Rubber /Fan belt off cut, Scrap of 132/ 220CTVT Porcelain Insulator with flange, Scrap Press Board /Gasket/Perma Wood Mixture, CRGO Steel Bend / Off Cut some have hole, Scrap CRGO Steel Side cutting with melting some are rusted. as is where is and clean sweep basis, MS Off Cut, Scrap Empty Wooden Cable Drum of different size, Scrap Fire Wood as is where is (clean sweep basis), Scrap Packing / Fire Wood mixed, Empty Plastic Bobin, Paper Insulated copper Conductor (PICC) off cut, Scrap Copper off cut mixed, Empty Plastic Cantainer of [100 ltr], Scrap Fiber Off Cut, Scrap Copper Turning /Boring, Scrap Used mobile Oil & mixed others Oil with durm. | Due on 15-Jan-2015  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Other Metal Products | Karnataka | TID: 12943931
3 Auction Of Scrap Dpc Aluminium Wire & Strip, Aluminium Burnt Out Coils, Scrap Press Board, Hoop Iron Scrap (Bale Patti), Plastic & Gunny Bag Scrap, Scrap Brass & Copper Stem Rod, Lamination Residue, Used Transformer Oil, Scrap Winding Machine | Due on 03-Feb-2015  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Other Metal Products | Uttar Pradesh | TID: 13130383
4 Auction Sale Of Scrap Empty Cement Bags Appox.38000 Nos, Scrap Crgo Steel Melting In Various Shape., Scrap Paper Cylinder.(clean Sweep Basis), Scrap Ms /s.s Hardware.[some Are Rusted], Scrap Rubber /fan Belt Off Cut, Scrap Press Board /gasket/permawood Mixture, Scrap Crgo Steel Side Cutting With Melting Some Are Rusted.Etc, Scrap Copper Off Cut Mixed, Scrap Winded Copper Enamiled Wire Ring Core, Scrap Used Mobile Oil & Mixed Others Oil With Durm, Scrap Ms Off Cut, Scrap Ms Off Cut Mixed (channel , Angle , Tube, Siling & Component Etc, Crgo Traingle Mixed With Small Offcut As Is Where Is, Scrap Used Transformer Oil (lying In Shop), Scrap Aluminium Offcut / Component Etc (clean Sweep Basis). | Due on 20-Feb-2015  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Water Storage and Supply | Pakistan | TID: 13607815
5 Disposal of Material - Dismantlement Enameled Copper Wire, Paper Covered Strips Scrap of wounded and unwounded Coils along with Insulating Material etc, Dismantlement Coils of Damaged transformer Aluminum, iron, silver wire different sizes of wounded & unwounded material along with insulation paper board and minimum copper, Dismantlement HT Empty Plastic, Packing Board & Rolls, LT Wooden Broken Reels with Nut & Bolts, Iron Scrap Consisting Upon Dismantlement / un serviceable Transformer tubes, tin dabba, Nut & Bolts Old vehicles parts, Dismantlement Brass including 10-15% Iron 5% Rubber, Waste rubbish comprising clay sand, press board sheet, press pan paper, broken pieces of porcelain bushing, oil soaked cotton rages, small pieces of copper and brass not more than 50 grams, iron pieces not more than 0.5 kg, Dismantlement submersible Pump Motor Un serviceable. | Due on 22-Apr-2015  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
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