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Printing | Tamil Nadu | TID: 10588976
1 Value: INR 6 Million | Supply Of Paper / Board Items – Copier Paper - Legal Size - 75 Gsm, White Pulp Board,170 Gsm, 22’’ X 28’’, White Pulp Board, 220 Gsm, 22’’ X 28’’, Colour Pulp Board, 170 Gsm, 22’’ X 28’’, (Four Equal Colours), Colour Pulp Board, 220 Gsm, 22’’ X 28’’, (Four Equal Colours), Plastic Coated Board, 150 Gsm, 22’’ X 28’’, Plastic Coated Board, 210 Gsm, 22’’ X 28’’, Art Board, 210 Gsm, 22’’ X 28’’, Low Wax Coated Duplex Board,, 200 Gsm, 22’’ X 28’’, Low Wax Coated Duplex Board,, 275 Gsm, 22’’ X 28’’, Straw Board, 1 Lb, 26’’ X 34’’, Straw Board, 1 ½ Lb, 25’’ X 30’’, Grey Board, 2 ½ Lb, 25’’ X 30’’, 70 Gsm – Blank Continuous Stationery Forms, 10’’ X 12’’ X 1, 80 Gsm – Blank Continuous Stationery Forms, 6’’ X 12’’ X 1 - 6 Hp, 120 Gsm – Blank Continuous Stationery Forms, 9’’ X 12’’ X 1 - 2 Hp, 70 Gsm – Blank Continuous Stationery Forms, 15’’ X 12‘’ X 1 (38.1cm X 30.5 Cm), 2 Hp; 4 Hp; 2 Hp; 4 Hp And 7.5 Vp, 70 Gsm – Blank Continuous Stationery Forms, 10’’ X 12‘’ X 1 (25.5 X 30.5 Cm) 6 Hp; 7.5 Vp, 120 Gsm – Blank Continuous Stationery Forms, 15’’ X 12‘’ X 1. | Due on 08-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Coal and Lignite | Andhra Pradesh | TID: 10629168
2 Value: INR 3.75 Million (approx.) | Supply of pit materials to 21 Incline, Yellandu – Building stone, Rough Stone / Boulders, Road metal & Ballast, Dimensional stone used for Kerbs & Cubes, Lime Kankar / Lime stone, Lime shell, Marble, Mosaic Chips, Murram / Gravel / Ordinary earth, Ordinary sand / Sand manufactured from Boulders useful for Civil Construct, Shingle, Chalcedony pebbles, Fuller's earth / bentonite, Shale / Slate, Rehmatti, Lime Stone Slabs, Ordinary clay, silt & Brick earth used in the manufacture of bricks including tiles, Black Granite, Colour Granite of other verities, Cement, steel & other materials, GI Pipe, Gate valves / sluice / globe valves, CP bib tops / stop taps, Vitrious sanitary ware like wash basin, urinals, wc pans, pedastals, squatting, flushing system, sinks, Water proofing compounds, Cement paints, Plywood, block boards, particle board & mdf boards, Supply of 300 x 200 x 150mm size Fly ash Cement / lime solid blocks with compressive strength of 50kg/, Supply of Sand for Concrete/Masonry works and Filter Beds, Earth work excavation for foundations and depositing on bank for all lifts and with an initial lead up to 50m including all operational, incidental, labour charges such as shoring, sheeting, planking, strutting, etc. complete for finished item of work as per SS - 20 B (APSS 308). - Sand or loose soils, wet sand not under water, silt in canals, channels and drains - Up to 3M depth. | Due on 05-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Other Services | Andhra Pradesh | TID: 10628928
3 Value: INR 8.56 Lakh (approx.) | Supplying And Fixing Of The Signage Boards And Boards Indicating Prohibited Items At Various Places In DYEE(West) Sub-Division. | Due on 28-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Paper and Paper Products | Assam | TID: 10575045
4 Supply of Grey Board. | Due on 29-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Stainless Steel | Gujarat | TID: 10587118
5 Supply of Office Stationery Items - Carbon Paper A4 Blue Camel, Leads Cluth Pencil 0.5mm Hb 10/Pkt, File,Spring W/Essar Logo Standard, File Lever 308 File Max, Folder A4,Transparent Plastic, Folder U,Transparent Plastic Full Scape, Ink Bottle Stamp 110 Ml. Camel/Kores, Pad Post-It 2x3inch Stickn/Pronoti, Pad Post-It 3x3inch Stickn/Pronoti, Pencil Cluth 0.5mm C-Point Camlin, Pencil Color Full Length 12colors Camel, Sharpner Pencil Plastic, Tray Input-Output Plastic 4set 1718 Pps, Tray Input-Output Plastic 3set, Tag Dotmatrix Lable 100x48mm White, Adhesive Paste, Bend Big 50gmg/Pkt Rubber Std, Board Magnetic 3x4in White, Board Soft, Board Magnetic White, Polybag Lldpe Zip Lock, Pointer Laser, Stand Note Book, Bend Small 50gmg/Pkt Rubber Std, File W/Essar Logo Plastic Black, Ic Gear Securitylock Numeric F/Laptop, Notice Board 2ft X 3ft W/Velvet Cloth, Dvd Disk Rewritable 4.5gb, Key Board Glass Door W/20 Keys, Key Board Glass Door W/30 Keys, Key Board Glass Door W/50 Keys, Cells Pencil Aa Size Bpl/Everready, Divider File Cut Size 8.6kg Board Std, Dividers File White Card Sheet A4 Size, Dividers File Yellow Card Sheet, Dividers File Pink Card Sheet, Dividers File Light Blue Card Sheet, File, Box W/Essar Logo Standard, Pad Stamp 110x70mm Small Blue Kores, Pad Stap 157x96mm Big Blue Kores, Pad,Note W/Essar Logo Lined Small, Pad,Note W/Essar Logo Lined Med, Pad,Note W/Essar Logo Lined Large, Pad W/Essar Logo Blank Small, Dvd Disk Rewritable, Sticker Hole-Guard 504strips/3pkt, Transparency 100mic A4 100sheet/Pkt, Tray Input-Output Plastic, Envelope Laminated 11x5in Light Green, Divider File, Sheet Card Board, Covers Cloth 8x10inch Plain Std, Covers Cloth 10x12inch Plain Std, Covers Cloth 16x12inch Plain Std, Duster Cloth 16x24inch Yellow Std, File Hanging Filing Fold, File,Ring Smart Line, Folder L-Type No.102 Plastic Black, Neo Folder L-Type Plastic, Glue Stick 15gms, Gum Tube 30ml Kores/Climax, Marker Paint Permanent,Black, Marker Pen F/Singnatur On Photo, Marker Pen F/Singnatur On Photo, Pad Steno 200pages Jimmy, Pen Ball 0.45 Black Reynolds, Pen Sketch 12colors Camel, Pin U-Type 26mm Small, Pin Drawing 1/2inch Medium Quickfix, Refill Ball Pen, Ruler 12inch Plastic Camel/Kores, Scissors Imported, Staplers, Cd,W/Colored Hdpe Cover Writable, Paper Cutter, Duster White Board Plastic Std, Envelopes Plain 9.5x4.5inch 80gsm White, Envelopes Plain 11x5inch 80 Gsm White, Eraser Small 20/Pkt Natraj/Polo, Pen Pointed 0.15 Hi-Tech Black Luxor, Pen Hi-Liter Glow Light Yellow, Pen Hi-Liter Glow Light Blue Pik, Tape Cello 1/2inchx9m White Roll King, Pad Graph Paper A4 60sheet, Tag,Sample For Laboratory, Paper Roll Fax Thermal Paper, Fluid Correction 15ml Camel With Diluter, Thermal Paper Roll, Marker,Permanent Pen Black, Board Non Magnetic, Board Felt Covered (Soft) 4x6ft, Marker,Permanent Pen-Type Black Camel, Marker, Note Books Lined, Punch Paper, Pin Staplers, Pencil Hb 10/Pkt Camel, Color Push Pin Standard, Registers Ruled 2qu 70gsm Super, Clips Binding, Sticker Sheet Orange, Lanyard 86x54mm W/Card Holder/Clip, Identity Card Holder Spring, Identity Card Suppor Plastic, Lamination Pouch F/Identity Card, Note Book, Sticker Cheque Security 500stickers, Pen Ball Plastic Use And Through, Clips Identity Card Hangin, etc | Due on 30-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Health Services/Equipments | Delhi | TID: 10605124
6 Supply of Name Plates, Stamps and Boards. | Due on 08-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Other Metal Products | Maharashtra | TID: 10614215
7 Auction Sale Of Main Constituents Ferrous And Non Ferrous Metal Scrap Arising From Sss Items, Ber Items, Ber E-Waste Items, Ber Hazardous Items- Capacitor Micro 160v-8mk, Unit 4c 102 (Yp), Barrel Assembly Left Hand No.7, Barrel Assembly Left Hand No.11, Stud, Ball Race, Sealing Ring, Coupling Block, Breaksing Motor Sr. No. 6671596, Bracking Motor Sr No. 6671590, Filter Insert, Motor Sl. No. 6849244, Torque Synchro, Zero Setting Ring, Cable Contact, Firing Lever X 92-5-1, Contact Device, Amplifier, Contactor X 23-201-71, Overcurrent Relay, Relay X 22-303-28 Vdc, Check Valve Connection 6, Check Valve Connection 13, Reducing Valve, Relief Valve, Pump Plessey C18k (Ut), Electric Motor, Contact Device, Electric Unit, Matching Unit, Indicating Unit For Coincidence Postion, Sealing Strip, Gear Wheel, Gear Wheel, Gear Wheel, Gear Wheel, Carrier, Spring, Spring, Spring, Damping Plate Complete, Spring, Hoist Car Assembly Left Hand, Hoist Car Assembly Left Hand, Yoke Unit, Driving Unit Right Hand, Driving Unit Right Hand With 4 Piper Assorted Sizes, Electrical Motor, Dise Brake, Chain Wheel, Clutch Sr No. 77-19771, Driving Shaft, Shaft, Driving Shaft, Spring, Piston, Automatic Fuse, Overcurrent Relay, Resistor, Relay, Resistor, Push Button For Lamp, Push Button, Signal Lamp, Push Button, Push Button For Lamp, Contactor X 23-102-71, Electrical Switch, Transformer, Fuse Holder, Resistor, Handle, Fuse Base X 24-201-25, Relay X 22-302-28vdc, Relay X 22-302-115 400hz, Relay, Signal Lamp X 26-9008-28, Fuse Cover X 24-202-25, Rectifier, Ball Bearing N50-306-7209b, Transfirring Arm, Sliding Cable, Sealing Strip, Standard Parts Set, Cleaning Brush, Cleaning Rod, Cleaning Cloth, Geared Pin, Spring Compressor, Box (325x105x211m), Test Instrument For Amplifier Laying Machinery No.1185, Box (500x310x250mm), Test Equipment For Fuse Setting And Firing, Firing Circuit Testor, Pin Contact, Clamp, Fuse, Pin Contact X 11-9001-2, Terminal X 11-12-2, Socket Contact X 11-9001-1, Ittrj Flexible Hydraulic Hose With End Connections Length 60 Cms, Flexible Hydraulic Hose With End Connector Length 54 Cms, Flexible Hydraulic Hose With End Connector Length 43 Cms, Flexible Hydraulic Hose With End Connector Length 90 Cms, Flexible Hydraulic Hose With End Connector Length 80 Cms, Cable Connector 38 Pins (Male), Cable Connector 19 Pins , Male Plug, Female Plug, Hand Driven Transmitter, Dynamic Transmitter D7-11, Phase Detectore Ra 818 115-120v, Recorder En 34t, Contact Panel 18 Pole 1 134 858, Contact Panel 25 Pole 114 728, Contact Panel 10 Pole 1 134 859, Test Panel, , Pin, Funnel 71-5241-7133, Hammer, Jimmy, Device For Disemgaging The Stop, Safty Pin, Sear Spring, 01-8 Rammer Sear, 01-9 Sear Pin, 1-10 Washer, Piston Ring, Reflector Lock, 01-24 Ring, 01-27 Pipe Connection Ring, 01-41 Fluro Plastic Ring, Contact, Switch, Buffer, Stop Spring, 02-13 Lock Ring, 02-18 Latch Spring, 02-19 Latch Pin, Lock Pin, 02-29 Stop Spring, 02-32 Stop Pin, 02-35 Extractor Spring, 02-37 Follower Pin, Feeding Device, 02-40 F D Spring, 02-41 Lock Ring, 02-42 Roller, 02-43 Cramp Iron Pin, Barrel Catch Pin, Stop Spring, Rivet, Lock Pin, Lock Screw, Piston Ring, Valve Spring, Washer, Ring, Pin, Safty Pin, Pneumatic Valve Ring, Cylinder Ring, Nut Bush, Valve Bush, Lock Ring, Washer, Follower Spring, Roller Pin Ring, Body Roller, Spring, Pin, Smaller Rack Arm, Shaft Lock Pin, Arm Spring, Larger Rack Arm, Contact Spring, Cartridge Case Ring, Front Ring, Safty Pin, Latch Spring, Rear Ring, Ring, Packing Ring, Spring Ring, Washer, Plug Gasket, Cotter Pin 32 X 32.019, Drift, Collar, Spring, Cylindrical Wheel, Main Gear, Hose 71-5241-2255, Hose 71-5241-2259, Filter, Pad, Reducer, Reducing Valve, Pipe M2m6 X 1, Mandrel, Gauge For Quadrant 71-5241-7107, Push Rod, Can For Thick Lubricant, Extractor Of Breech Ring Axle, Hook For Removing Of Rubber Ring, Thong, Wrench, Socket Wrench-10, Tap Wrench, Wrench, Wrench, Screw Driver 7810-1306, Screw, Ring, Lock Pin 4(P)2 2a 252, Ring C(P) 66-49-6, Lubricator With Ball M10 X 1, Insert, Receptacle, Cable Ht, Electric Motor With Spares, Electric Motor With Spares, Electro Pneumatic Valve, Micro Switch A802b, Generator )G) 650(F) With B (G) Gh, Electric Motor (D) 600t(F) With Brush Mtc-8, Selsyn Kc-4 Type, Contractor Of Km-100 D-B, Contractor Of Km-50 D-B, Plate P-66-10 3pc21-10, P(P) -4 Polarized Relay, Relay, Relay Of 8713 Type, Fuse, Fuse, Capacitor, Capacitor, Capacitor Kbg(I)-4-200-0.025+10%, Mains Defence Automatic Machine A3 C10, Resistance Mlt-0.5-200+-10%, Resistance, Diode, Rectifiering Diode, Diode, Transistor, Rectifiering Diode, Transistor, Stabilitron, Collar, Collar 40*62, Wire, Wire, Transformer, Spare Parts For Contractor, Spare Parts For Electrical Motor, Fuse Holder Ha4-810-008, Relay, Capacitor, White Pipe Iii-Tb-40t-230t-3-5, White Pipe, Black Or Green On Thread, Varnished Cloth, White Pipe, Sand Paper, Drift, Wrench, Wrench, Screw, Screw, Antom Forceps, Amplifier (U)-4m, Ring, Hose Working Pressure 150kg/Cm2, Hose Working | Due on 15-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Courier Services | Tamil Nadu | TID: 10621893
8 Repainting Of Letter Boxes, Sorting Cases, Boards In Post Offices Under Division. | Due on 13-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Education And Research Institute | Maharashtra | TID: 10588332
9 Value: INR 145 Million | Supply of Maplitho Paper, Art Paper, Art Card & White Back Duplex Board | Due on 26-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Power Plant | Multi State | TID: 10618802
10 Value: INR 7.96 Million (approx.) | Supply, fitting and fixing of laminated & insulated glass partition along with the construction of half brick masonry wall at the base of the glass partition and aluminium framed structure with pre-laminated particle board and thermal insulation with Resin Bonded rock wool fixed to the aluminium frame at the top of the glass partition on the left side of the corridor outside the Control Room at the 1st floor of the Power House Building of AGTP. | Due on 16-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
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